Does your heart bleed with this bug?

There was a bug in one line of a code that nobody noticed for years. It was not an issue until recently when somebody was able to exploit that vulnerability. How? Typically internet was built on trust and there was no private information earlier. It was a synchronous transfer of information. Which means that the sender and receiver both had the same key but they don’t use it to exploit each others information.

Rcich content with Skyfire 1.5 browser on mobile

Find threats and hackers through tweets and Facebook feeds

Sentiment analysis extracts meaning from these articles, posts, tweets and conversations and automatically performs detailed statistical analysis to identify emerging trends. For instance look at the tweets posted by Anonymous group on various DDOs attacks that were launched by them and wathc how they tweet in public forums such as Twitter and Facebook. In fact they also plan their launches through IRC chat or Twitter.

Improve your business service SLAs with intelligent correlation of security analytics data

Connect poor application performance to a database query that’s being abused by a hacker, or a poor user experience to a corrupt database index. Whether you’re confronted with a security issue or an operational one, connecting all endpoints into a single tiered-analysis engine gives you shorter time to identification and faster troubleshooting through increased visibility

Unified approach takes analysis a step further by feeding domain-specific information into a high-scale analytics engine to analyze cross-domain issues. This is critical for both real-time issue identification and alerting, and for advanced forensic activities