Genchi Gembutsu

This in Japanese means ‘go and see’. This is the best way for product managers to understand what to build.

Heisenberg mantra to product management: Lessons from breaking bad

“I am neither in meth business or money business; I am in the empire business.” Walter tells Jesse as to what he thinks about his business and products. As product story tellers you could be telling two different stories – giving bitter medicines or saving life. You need to decide what your product/ solution/ services ultimately benefits the consumers and come up with a broad believable stories.

Uber, the coolest way to get cabs, helps Raja to send his kids to school

Raja said that after his full time job, he goes home, gets freshened up, eats dinner, and takes his flashy new black SUV out by 7p. He works only 3-days a week during the weekends, and mostly the evenings to late night for about 15 hours weekly, and pulls about $1,000 in revenue. After paying 20-28% to Uber, his car payments, $400 insurance premium, and gas, he makes over $1,000 for spending evenings out.

What does it take to get into Harvard?

I recently read an article on Business Insight, which did some analysis of data on students, their behaviors and goals to see if there is any pattern. The outcome was an amazing WOW. It is definitely not for everyone and one has to be an overall awesome to get into Harvard based on this big…

The death of Nokia phones

With Microsoft buying Nokia handset business, Nokia would never make another phone and Microsoft may probably keep Lumia or other brand as Nokia is keeping its brand. So this is an early death for Nokia.

Networking skills for technology conferences!

Make the most out of the HP Protect 2013 event with our packed agenda. Mix the right amount of business and pleasure to ensure that you relax, enjoy, and learn at the same time. Starting with deep-dive technical sessions, keynotes, to chat with product managers, product developers, to your support buddies are all at the…