Skyfire 1.5, the best mobile browser for Windows Mobile phone

Some of the smartphones now are more expensive than netbooks. We carry one all the time. We know we can take pictures to upload it to Facebook, update Twitter status on the new blog or web article that you just read, check your Gmail while waiting for a time, searching for something, etc. With iPhone in the market for over 2 years, the gap between the iPhone and OtherPhones has increased tremendously. The 3

Rcich content with Skyfire 1.5 browser on mobile
Rcich content with Skyfire 1.5 browser on mobile

G data speeds enable you to perform most of the tasks on the cell phone that you can perform on the netbook.

Having said that, the phones themselves have tons of limitations such as browsing PC like websites that are not optimized for mobile, filling forms, making reservations, canceling tickets in the nth moment, and many other such tasks. Some of these can be addressed by using a great browser than can ensure that your phone only becomes a display assume like a monitor and the CPU is somewhere in the cloud to process data, web content, compress it, optimize it for mobile viewing, and so on.

Skyfire 1.5, a next generation browser has some new innovations built into its engine just to do it. The browser has the capability of delivery a PC content onto your cell phone by making your cell phone a dumb monitor and all the processing happens in the Skyfire cloud. So, what PC content are talking about? rich websites? flash games? video streaming? silverlight media content?mash-ups?rss feeds? emails? news feeds? social media aggregation?enabling PC websites on mobile phone for e-commerce transactions? the answer is ALL of the above. Yes, Skyfire 1.5 delivers all of the above on your mobile phone. Virtually anything that you access through WWW can be accessed via mobile phone with the same familiar look and feel (*unless someone turns off exclusively for Skyfire). Is not that cool? It plays all formats of videos. For instance, if you search for videos on, you would be able to see tons of different streaming technology and options and you will be surprised to see that most of the videos are played inline. You can zoom into it to fill your screen and watch them on your hand held device.

With such great technologies I see a future where everyone will have a PC which is hosted on cloud somewhere and user will be able to access all the apps, tools, content, and media through any PC, mobile, TV or even on any wall or table in future. Skyfire 1.5 surely is one step into the future to fulfill one leg of that future.

Well done Skyfire 🙂

Sridhar Karnam

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