Embracing Technology in Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley is truly the Detroit of the new Millennium. As Reid Hoffman quotes in his book that the technology is synonymous with Silicon Valley. See how the city of San Francisco solved one of its problem using some of the existing technologies.

SF MUNI is the public transit service from city of SF. The compact city with small roads is struggling to run its public transit within its cash-struck budget of $780 million. The analysis showed that an increase in avg 9 mph speed of the transit could save 10% of the budget. However, the congestion had many cars moving in and out of bus lanes creating major problems to the MUNI to continue its operations.

MUNI embraced the technology of CCTV like in London, but inside of the 30 transit buses that move in high-traffic downtown area. Under the motor vehicle act, MUNI partnered with DMV to share the videos on the front and side of the bus with DMV. This has resulted in over 3,000 tickets annually from parking violations to lane violations enabling the smooth operations of the MUNI.

Now, during peak hours, you get a ticket if you overtake or cross the bus lane, if you park even for 1 min to load/ unload passengers/ boxes, even if you pull over to take/ make calls or setup your GPS device. This is a great usage of the technology to solve business problems.

It is not too far when every street, every car would have cameras and law enforcement would be on peer-to-peer basis. Even better cars and other vehicles to have self-monitoring technology to issue the driver ticket as soon as he/she violates the law.


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