Cost of each cyber-attack is estimated at $600,000


Did you know that it takes around 24 days to resolve a cyber-attack? The cost of resolution of each incident is estimated at $600,000 per incident. This was the outcome of an annual study conducted by Poneman Institute on Annual cost of cyber-crime study.

This study benchmarked sample of US organizations, and those companies each estimated a cost of $9 million on an average as the cost of cyber-crime.

Some of the statistics from the research indicates an upward trend of increased attack by 42% year on year. In absolute terms, each of those companies had more than 100 attacks every week.

If you view from an 80/20 rule, almost 80% of the cyber-attack was due to malicious code, denial-of-service attack, stolen devices, and insider threats. It is amazing that HP has designed its solutions exactly around these top issues through Fortify, ArcSight, and TippingPoint solution helping in those attacks respectively.

Simple controls such as deploying SIEM solution has saved $1.6 million annually in those companies. HP is hosting a series of webinars highlighting the findings from these studies, with the U.S focused webinar on Nov 7th. Additional information about this webinar, and those taking place in other regions, is available at HP and Ponemon Webinar

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