MadMen of India spends Rs 1000 Crores: Best creatives minds get together for BJP

'Mad-Men'-of-the-Indian-advertising-industryThe best of creative minds combine their heads for Rs 400 Crores to work together for BJP to run their marketing campaign. Piyush Pandey created “Abki bar…” and Prasoon Joshi created BJP anthem, and Sam Balsara did all the media buying.

INC also spent 500 Crores with Dentsu, a Japanese creative which did not seem to connect with the target audience. UPA also spent an additional 100 Crores to run specific campaigns such as “Bharat Nirman”, which also failed to connect.

AAP on contrary has the highest bang for the buck with 20 Crores budget for Delhi assembly election budget ultimately putting their chief as CM. They also ran a strong Guirella marketing campaigns for this general elections, but with insignificant result & high impact.

Piyush Pandey, Prasoon Joshi and Sam Balsara to helm BJP’s Rs 400 crore poll drive – The Times of India.

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