Cloud to accelerate compliance by 3x, improve performance of IT ops by 2x, and stop cyberattacks by 3x

A report from an independent global survey of 730 IT professionals demonstrates how cloud disrupts management, security, and compliance.

Click here to read the full report. This gives you a great insight into how a cloud is changing systems management and security in the hybrid IT world.

Negin Aminian who runs the product marketing security at Oracle says that “Cloud is the solution for these 5 major themes”. She adds that “We have a better together story with management and security, and security is at the forefront of how a cloud is disrupting the hybrid IT”.

Let’s look at the 5 major themes:

1. Better Together: Security and Management

Survey analysis reveals that advanced cloud-based technologies help prevent attacks. This is opposite of what typically companies say that cloud migration exposes the new surface area for attacks.













2. The Regulation Imperative:

The survey shows clearly that cloud customers are clearly ahead of non-cloud in accelerating towards GDPR. Although we hear that a number of organizations have not even started preparing for GDPR. Cloud eases that stress of starting problem and navigating problem in achieving your goal.













3. Continuous Compliance:

With huge amounts of sensitive data at stake, organizations need to ensure continuous compliance (not just GDPR). Cloud platforms help organizations maintain compliance with government and industry regulations. Compliance is not just about packaged reports. It starts with IT hygiene and works through configuration, data security, zoning, network/ user/ apps security, and more.

4. Systems and Data Management:

Machine data is very valuable and important, therefore it needs to stay secure. Only about 0.5% of machine data is analyzed for security and operations today. Purpose built machine learning analytics tools such as OMC from Oracle can leverage this machine data for various use cases such as IT Ops, DevOps, SecOps, etc. in an effective and unified data model. You need an elastic capability to accommodate all the valuable data that is being collected, then utilize the data in order gain greater visibility and increase security.

5. Security at the Forefront:

As cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and impactful, organizations need to develop both prevention and detection capabilities. This is only possible with the latest cloud solutions, powered by machine learning and data analytics. Cloud security allows you to look deep into cloud systems, workloads, data, and other APIs to monitor sensitive data, controls, and configurations.

For a detailed report, please visit here or visit

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