RSA Conference 2018 kicks off to address cyber threat challenges

RSA Conference is the world’s largest cyber security conference with over 30,000 attendees taking over the city of San Francisco for a week to discuss, debate, and solve the cyber security challenge.

RSA kicks off with Atlanta being under siege, 911 calls being stopped in Baltimore, Facebook being questioned by the Congress for the privacy issues, Uber, Grindr, Boeing disclosed data breaches, attacks on US grid, US tax filing vendor software, and 40,000 other data breach disclosures.

More importantly, it is the Russian meddling of US elections and making fun of democracy through cyber war has rocked the world. Cambridge Analytica has made every internet user in the world nervous with their disclosure about the Facebook data breach.

So, don’t worry if this all sounds sad. This is exactly why 1800+ vendors, security thought leaders, CISOs, and all of us, who have the moral responsibility to provide the privacy of individuals will discuss, debate, exhibit, research, and share how to save your city, law & order, your power grid, democracy, your privacy, and everything around your life.

Oracle is sure to represent itself on how it is securing the cloud, the database, apps, and developer tools to half a million customers that we have. Oracle is not only securing its core products and infrastructure but also showcasing how you can build a SOC for your cloud and hybrid environment.

Follow this blog on all the sessions, booth, demos, parties, and meetings that Oracle is doing.

Oracle this year at RSA 2018 is focusing on two things: An autonomous cloud platform with AI and machine learning for security use cases, and a cloud-based SOC for the Oracle cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environment.

We are all losing the cyber war. It is time for all of to collaborate and make our machines smarter so that the battle is truly between attacker’s machines vs. our machines and not our users.

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