Oracle’s Larry Ellison takes on Splunk

Oracle’s Larry Ellison takes on Splunk in his keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2017, in front of a cheering 60,000 crowd.

Larry Ellison announced a major enhancement to Oracle Management Cloud, where Oracle has been investing for several years, to build a unified platform for SecOps, DevOps, and IT Ops. Larry highlighted that his vision is to provide an “Automated Cyber Defense System” with an IT industry’s fastest-growing segment, known as the cloud systems management and security market.

The news headlines on cybersecurity suggest that the companies are losing the cyberwar. It is only getting worse every year. Most bad actors are after stealing the data. When you look at the Equifax executives and the senior IT leadership team losing their jobs for the data breach, it can’t be our people vs their machine. It has to be our computers vs their computers. And, it is a cyber war.

Larry also said that “Our vision for security is simple. We need all the data in one place”. Oracle’s new Security Monitoring and Analytics is based on a purpose-built machine learning technology, the same technology that powers the autonomous database that patches and runs itself.

Many legacy SIEM solutions are not delivering on their promise. Most legacy solutions like Splunk, just send a lot of false positives. It lacks the key data needed for operations and optimal security. Splunk is simply an analytics tool that delivers a search tool with a large ecosystem of third-party vendors creating silos and a big data problem.

Here is a simple analysis on why Splunk is not good enough for security:

Oracle’s integrated cloud systems and security management cloud, or simply Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) is a complete data architecture through a unified entity model that spans topology, telemetry, associations, and threats.

Splunk has no real entity model and leaves data in many disparate vendor models

OMC delivers out-of-the-box applications of machine learning that is easy to setup, operate, and use

Splunk provides a machine learning tool kit that needs data scientists and programmers

OMC delivers unified platform for SecOps, DevOps, and IT Ops to automatically detect and remediate threats with little to no human intervention.

Splunk has no remediation capability.

Learn more about OMC platform and Security Monitoring and Analytics (SMA) here:

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