Machine learning based automated cyber defense platform: Security Monitoring & Analytics

Building on a multi-year investment to define and provide the next generation of cybersecurity and systems management solutions, we are announcing today the availability of the industry’s first cloud-native, intelligent, Security and Management suite. Oracle Security Monitoring and Analytics (SMA) Cloud Services is a cloud-based, integrated solution that combines the capabilities of SIEM, UEBA, security configuration management, and compliance on the same platform that has the industry-leading log analytics, infrastructure monitoring, and APM portfolio.

Unified cloud platform for SecOps, DevOps, and IT Ops

This addition to Oracle Security and Management cloud makes it a unified platform for SecOps, DevOps, and IT Ops enabling organizations to transform their business by helping them to securely migrate and integrate with the cloud.

Purpose-built machine learning

SMA is built on a strong machine learning platform, the same platform that powers the autonomous database with automated management and security of the database. The machine learning enables SMA and the overall platform to detect, respond, remediate, and recover from any type of security incident or cyber-attacks.

“In the past few years, we’ve witnessed explosive growth in the rate of application change, as well as in the sophistication of security threats, which together have completely overrun traditional rules-based, siloed enterprise approaches to security and management,” said Prakash Ramamurthy, senior vice president, Security and Systems Management, Oracle.

“Organizations must take a fresh look at their security and management from the ground up or risk ever-more costly breaches and outages. Our goal was to make this process as seamless as possible for customers by building a powerful, cloud-native suite that marries a comprehensive, unified data tier with intelligence provided by purpose-built machine learning. The suite provides value in minutes, and can scale to become the nerve center of an enterprise’s security and management efforts.”

SMA empowers Identity SOC – A cloud-based SOC that is an automated cyber defense platform

The foundation of Oracle’s Identity SOC offering is the newly-released Oracle Security Monitoring and Analytics (SMA) Cloud Service. This provides security incident and event management (SIEM), as well as user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) capabilities for both traditional and hybrid IT.

The cloud infrastructure and apps are secured by purpose build Oracle CASB Cloud Service, a cloud access security solution that detects up to 50,000 cloud services and helps you to protect users, apps, and data in the cloud. This is all based on industry-leading identity management platform from Oracle enabling an integrated SOC solution.

This overall SOC is built on the same platform as IT Ops and DevOps making your systems management and security, a simple and affordable service from Oracle.

Oracle Security Monitoring and Analytics Cloud Service is aligned with Gartner’s CARTA framework, which is becoming the industry-standard among CISO for building and maintaining security operations center.

Click here for more info on SMA:



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