Top 5 Reasons to Move ‘Security’ to the Cloud

As organizations move workloads and infrastructure to the cloud, legacy security solutions are not adequate to detect and prevent today’s modern threats. Cyber criminals can quickly compromise and infiltrate organizations by using stolen credentials and exploiting vulnerabilities in mis-configured systems.

Let’s start with a simple list of top 5 reasons to move your security to the cloud.

  • The complexity of the on-prem security tools:
  • Cost of acquiring and overall total cost of ownership of legacy security products
    • Cost of facility, infrastructure, and even electricity
    • High cost of domain experts
    • Cost of managing the high volume, velocity, and variety of log and network data
    • Cost of designing the legacy on-prem products for high factor of safety
    • CapEx Vs. OpEx is an obvious one
  • Failure of point solutions and appliances in protecting from security breaches
    • Most security groups manage 30+ vendors
    • It is a manual security as data flow is also manual
    • Orchestration and playbooks are expensive and keeps changing with every change in log source (daily)
    • Configuration drifts and misconfigurations
    • Long and difficult change management cycles
  • Acute shortage of security skills
    • Need 24×7 monitoring
    • Thousands of alerts generated every hour, while each security expert can at most manage 10-12 alerts
    • You need deep security knowledge and expertise
    • You also need expensive certified security engineers to manage this hard job
  • Lack of Autonomous and self-driving security
    • Adaptive security in cloud based security solutions
    • AI and Machine Learning to minimize the need of resources and domain experts
    • Automation is built into the cloud security solutions
    • Constantly updated algorithms and tools with ML helps you to predict the risky users, risky entities, and data loss even before it happens

Check out the ISACA webinar here for more details on Oracle Cloud Security helps you simplify security for your organization.

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