Google does not get it!


An article on WSJ said lot of great things about a product that is below its potential. It praised G+ as an awesome circle of social life. Another perspective from a product management feels that it does not meet its expectations.

G+ are crossing 10 million users in next few hours. The facts are wrong. In fact even the interpretation is biased. What they have not considered is that Google virtually owns the internet. They have a total of 1 billion users among all the other products if you count them separately or they have around 400 million unique users. G+ is an extension of Gmail when they launched which means they have done a poor job of converting from 100’s of millions of users into G+ users.

Also, Wave and Buzz were there two initial failed attempts where they created lot of hype, increased their market cap but, in the end they had to stop the products. Google does not simply get it! about the social-networking. Try sharing a simple photo on picasa to your friend afetr G+ and you will see what I am talking in terms of overall user experience.

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