Apple took over the world last week as the sweetest fruit in the world

Apple took over the world last week as the sweetest fruit in the world, pun intended. iPhone’s ever growing demand combined with other portfolio products inspired from the success of iPhones, crowned Apple as the most valued company in the world last week by NASDAQ. As per the internet, More people want iPhone than food, water, shelter, and oil from an industry perspective. This demand created a huge market that did not exist before 2007.

Of course it was RIM and Palm that showed the world what it feels to hold the most powerful and intelligent computer in your pocket, but like any other first mover stories, they did not carry it to the finish line. Google buys Motorola, HP chewed and threw the Palm bubble gum, Microsoft is staring at Nokia, RIM has almost become irrelevant, HTC & Samsung are the only two other giants that can swing either ways (Windows or Android). This is a great consolidation of the fastest growing business in the past decade.

Google is on a good high-speed rail to put the Android and Chrome OS on mobile devices, and stand toe-to-toe with Apple. Android has already proven that their model has worked better than Microsoft Windows mobile platform. Google should now focus on its overall portfolio consolidation of search, social, location, mobile, and gaming through the new flashy mobile platform.

Its time for Microsoft to get faster, better, cheaper products to market. PC market is slighly different, but mobility and internet (IE & Bing) needs a different strategy. A Platform based approach for these two businesses may help Microsoft to take back some of its lost share. RIM on the other hand should focus on better Go-To-Market strategies and worldwide distribution channels.

HP should make the best use of its awesome user-interface and navigation capabilities of Palm OS. Palm OS is a platform that has a full potential to compete with iPhone in terms of user experience, but HP needs to build a standard marketplace; HP does not still get it right.

Go Mobile!

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