Customers rent your product, they never buy it

Great summary of the ‘jobs-to-be-done’ marketing approach through this blog. It takes us back to the fundamental principles of marketing that we tend to forget as we think and talk ‘strategy’ all day long. This approach keeps things simple sticking to the core product mix.

Marketing has always been about identifying the problem, and then help to create a great product/ service to fix the problem, but innovation in business models rather than products/ service has put us all in horse racing injected with steroids.

Customers hiring a ‘product’ to get their jobs done is a great concept based on which, the products are designed or messaged. The whole perspective of the ‘product’ changes when we see the ‘product’ being hired to do a job as opposed to selling the product where your ownership ends. This also talks about quality, user experience, and service from an end-to-end perspective.

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