What does it take to get into Harvard?


I recently read an article on Business Insight, which did some analysis of data on students, their behaviors and goals to see if there is any pattern. The outcome was an amazing WOW. It is definitely not for everyone and one has to be an overall awesome to get into Harvard based on this big data analysis. Why is this important? Read a story about .341 in Iowa university and was looking for the opposite of this behavior.

Anyway, lets see the big data analytics on what it takes to study at Harvard?

  • two-thirds of the students come from a family that makes at least $80K
  • Most of the athletes are from the top two local race
  • compete with students like the one who applied to 25 colleges and got selected into 24 of them
  • 81% of the class were president of some club in high-school
  • SAT average of 2255 for merit channel
  • 91% of students don’t have fake ID
  • 40% of students have never tried alcohol
  • almost 50% hope to make at least $70K in their first job

Read more here

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