What makes a leader?

Vision, empathy, diversity, and comprehensive thinking. Working on these four would definitely help polishing on leadership skills.

You don’t get rich by joining a great startup

I am not a pessimist. I am not starting 2015 with a negative thought. I spoke to my cousin for 6 hours yesterday on this topic and this is how the Harvard MBA analysed into a simple understandable formula. Based on some of my friends in startups that went public last year at 10 bucks,…

How much would you pay for WhatsApp?

Facebook has 900+ million active users every month and is valued at around $180 Billion. Whatsapp had 450 Million active users and Facebook picked it for $19 Billion. Just over 10% of market value for almost 50% of users. Good business deal right there

What does it take to get into Harvard?

I recently read an article on Business Insight, which did some analysis of data on students, their behaviors and goals to see if there is any pattern. The outcome was an amazing WOW. It is definitely not for everyone and one has to be an overall awesome to get into Harvard based on this big…

The death of Nokia phones

With Microsoft buying Nokia handset business, Nokia would never make another phone and Microsoft may probably keep Lumia or other brand as Nokia is keeping its brand. So this is an early death for Nokia.

Rule of 5 Managers

Do you think you work for your boss? Who? The one boss that you report to? The answer is no. You always work for 5 managers. Your reporting manager, whom I said is your customer in one the previous blogs, can hire and fire you. However, as most managers are well trained and educated, you…