Heisenberg mantra to product management: Lessons from breaking bad


You are damn right my name is Heisenberg.” Blue meth that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman created is 99.1% pure and it is blue in color. Create a product that nobody can imitate. Dominate the market with high quality market. Also have a unique differentiation. Heisenberg was identified with this high quality product as a brand and his distributors and partners were willing to say his name when he asks.

I am the one who knocks.” Walter tells Skyler when she is worried about the safety about someone being threat to their family that he is the one who knocks and nobody can knock him down. It is good to get that confidence and you get that kind of power through knowledge and data. Use your buyer interviews, win-loss analysis, understand market problems, and gather all the competitive data and you will be the one who knocks.

It’s not over until I say it’s over.” Walter tells this to his ally Saul when he tries to end the partnership. The point is to never give up and keep trying. There will be rejections in all steps of the process, but you will have to get through the speed bumps.

Tread lightly.” Walter tells Hank to tread lightly when he realizes that his school-teacher; cancer-suffering poor man was the Heisenberg. Hank does not understand this and does things outside the book using only few allies. Finally Hank gets killed in a desert and his body is not found for 2 months. As product managers it’s important to tread lightly and gauge the risk at every step. Don’t be in a hurry to get things done and always back up with data.

I am neither in meth business or money business; I am in the empire business.” Walter tells Jesse as to what he thinks about his business and products. As product story tellers you could be telling two different stories – giving bitter medicines or saving life. You need to decide what your product/ solution/ services ultimately benefits the consumers and come up with a broad believable stories.


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