What makes a leader?

Vision, empathy, diversity, and comprehensive thinking. Working on these four would definitely help polishing on leadership skills.

Top 10 words that product marketeers should use

This sounds silly, but here is the list of top 10 words that product marketeers shall use for messaging. This was recommended by Dr. Zainol Abidin on my product marketing LinkedIn group. 10. Start: Forces your persona to do something new that you are asking them to do. Eg: Start your savings through our mobile app today before…

The triumph of ‘Simplicity’

Apple’s design elegance or lack of need for user manual, combined with clean home page from Google has taken them to the top of the race. Customers whether consumers or enterprise are humans and nobody likes complexity. Even if you are solving complex problems. Most companies respond that their product/ service is complex because they solve complex problem. This is not sustainable in the long run.