Heisenberg mantra to product management: Lessons from breaking bad

“I am neither in meth business or money business; I am in the empire business.” Walter tells Jesse as to what he thinks about his business and products. As product story tellers you could be telling two different stories – giving bitter medicines or saving life. You need to decide what your product/ solution/ services ultimately benefits the consumers and come up with a broad believable stories.

10 productive things that you can’t do at work

Most of us have friends who work in both Enterprise companies and Startups. The common frustration that you hear when you work with them is that their IT does not allow you to easily collaborate and work with them.

Customer Focus Driven Project Management

Attributes for a customer focus driven project management:

Defining the customer/ customer group
Understanding the value-chain of the organization in terms of sell-deploy-support
Knowing the customer user-experience at a systemic level
Understanding the use-case of the product

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Product Managers

Product management is the most contradictory of all professions. Product Managers (PMs) need to be product experts and perpetual students. They must be creative, articulate multimedia marketers, and yet able to speak technology, finance, and legal-ese. No wonder there are so few great Product Managers. After 20 years researching and working with all types of…