The triumph of ‘Simplicity’

google apple

The two most valuable companies in the world have taught us a great lesson. Simplicity.

Apple’s design elegance or lack of need for user manual, combined with clean home page from Google has taken them to the top of the race. Customers whether consumers or enterprise are humans and nobody likes complexity. Even if you are solving complex problems. Most companies respond that their product/ service is complex because they solve complex problem. This is not sustainable in the long run.

In fact, being simple is very complex. “Nothing simple about simplicity,” as Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn state in Simple: Conquering the Crisis of Complexity. The effort needed to simplify anything is lot more than leaving the solution complex.

Most organizations don’t get simplicity. As it is run by humans who don’t make money by simplifying things. Google and Apple have proved otherwise that you can win hearts and banks together.

Next time, when you are designing a product, writing a user manual, drafting a survey, presenting your idea, or selling goods, think simplicity. There is no B2B, B2C or even B2B2C. There is only H2H (human to human).


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