The triumph of ‘Simplicity’

Apple’s design elegance or lack of need for user manual, combined with clean home page from Google has taken them to the top of the race. Customers whether consumers or enterprise are humans and nobody likes complexity. Even if you are solving complex problems. Most companies respond that their product/ service is complex because they solve complex problem. This is not sustainable in the long run.


Customer Focus Driven Project Management

Attributes for a customer focus driven project management:

Defining the customer/ customer group
Understanding the value-chain of the organization in terms of sell-deploy-support
Knowing the customer user-experience at a systemic level
Understanding the use-case of the product

Metrics to Measure Product Cannibalization

Internal Cannibalization: – Product mix (revenue, profit, market share. growth/ decline) – Leads, forecasts – Analyst interest, PR – Support & business escalations External Cannibalization: – Market share – Competitive analysis – P&L comparison between similar products/ companies – Analyst reports on industry/ market/ product reports

In ‘Jobs’, we trust

Steve completed all his Jobs of making the fruits in Apple Store the best. Created the Insanely Incredible product that you can’t take your eye from phone. Competition’s jealousy was covered with an eye pad and made it amazingly sexy to be selfish with iProducts. Built the concept of the market place by visioning through…

iPhone: A best case study of efficient inventory management

How Apple Inc. used efficient inventory management for its product launch and growth of ‘iPhone’ When Steve Jobs has announced about the new revolutionary mobile communication in his Macworld presentation, iPhone was judged a triumph of design and functionality, not to mention it’s X-factor. Similar to other hot electronic products such as Xbox, PS3, Wii…