Top 10 words that product marketeers should use


This sounds silly, but here is the list of top 10 words that product marketeers shall use for messaging. This was recommended by Dr. Zainol Abidin on my product marketing LinkedIn group.

10. Start: Forces your persona to do something new that you are asking them to do. Eg: Start your savings through our mobile app today before it is too late.

9. Unique: gets your persona’s attention to focus on your differentiators. Eg: Our unique software secures your data through big data analytics but also automates your compliance.

8. Compare: Exhibit confidence and trust in your product by comparing your product with competitors or with your persona’s status quo. Eg: Compare our tool with the traditional way of monitoring employee productivity and see the results.

7. Grow: Almost every persona in B2B wants to grow something and show results. Growing is part of many persnona’s KPI/ KRI. Grow your business through our unique finance control solution.

6. Easy: Nobody wants anything tough or complex. Saying that tool/ solution is easy makes your product to be perceived as easy. Eg: Analyze billions of security threats and events everyday through our easy to use interface.

5. You: The best answer to the question “What’s in it for me?” can only be answered using you… Eg: You can win more deals by sending right collateral and quotes on time using our tool.

4. Try: Motivating and action-oriented, but it won’t overwhelm people who aren’t quite ready to commit. Eg: Try our risk free razor for 3 months with money back guarantee.

3. Free: Nothing is cheaper than Free. Instant attention grabber. Free is the new business model. You can always give something free that persona actually cares and make sure to tell them that. Eg: Get our unique carpeting for 1 room and get another room for free/ get installation for free.

2. Cost: Everybody wants to save money. Everybody wants to make a good ROI decision. Every value is based on price/ cost. So, make sure to use cost or costing concept to get your message instead of saying your product is high value. Eg: Store big data at $100/ TB through our unique solution that helps you scale as your data grows.

1. Time: Single most important factor in messaging. B2B buyers focus on time more than anything, but say cost is their top factor. Truth is dollars are always exchanged for your invaluable time. Saving their time makes your solution highly valuable and make sure to say that. Eg: Fastest search engine on the planet. Quickest way to get to your destination using our unique mobile app.

What do you think?


  1. Profitable. Pain/Problem solver. Scalable. Never, ever use the word intuitive or the phrase intuitive interface. Major cliche! No one says non-intuitive.


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