What makes a leader?


I had a good chat with an entrepreneur today at lunch and I was asking him several questions on leadership. We wanted to define leadership into small bitable chunks and he started asking me questions to help me get this answer.

Leadership can be learned and mastered by these four qualities. There is a way to work on each of them to fine tune.

Vision, empathy, diversity, and comprehensive thinking. Working  on these four would definitely help polishing on leadership skills.

Vision helps you see things beyond horizon. It means that you can see things that others don’t and thats how you add value.

Empathy allows you to completely be in someone’s shoe and picture their problem or way of thinking. Without proper empathy, one would fail to see various vantage points such as customer’s, partner’s, sales’, or anybody else.

Comprehensive thinking lets you 360 degree of looking at a problem. Looking at optimistic opportunity when someone is presenting a challenge or when someone is over excited about something, hearing what they are not saying.

Each one of the skill need hard work, passion and maturity to acquire, polish or master. At least knowing what to learn is half the job done.

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