Heisenberg mantra to product management: Lessons from breaking bad

“I am neither in meth business or money business; I am in the empire business.” Walter tells Jesse as to what he thinks about his business and products. As product story tellers you could be telling two different stories – giving bitter medicines or saving life. You need to decide what your product/ solution/ services ultimately benefits the consumers and come up with a broad believable stories.

Uber, the coolest way to get cabs, helps Raja to send his kids to school

Raja said that after his full time job, he goes home, gets freshened up, eats dinner, and takes his flashy new black SUV out by 7p. He works only 3-days a week during the weekends, and mostly the evenings to late night for about 15 hours weekly, and pulls about $1,000 in revenue. After paying 20-28% to Uber, his car payments, $400 insurance premium, and gas, he makes over $1,000 for spending evenings out.

N.I.H.I.T.O principle

Whether you are in product management or marketing or sales or even in project management, one should always follow this principle called NIHITO. It stands for “Nothing Important Happens In The Office.” Your market is outside your desk, your customers are out in the market. Your buyers are shopping for your competitors products in those…

Joining the first Silicon Valley Garage

This is an exciting day in my professional life as I am joining back HP Software to drive the product and Go-to-market strategy for HP Enterprise Security products. HP being a Fortune 10th company, continues to invest in innovation and marketing like a typical Silicon Valley companies. I really hope to learn many more things…

Metrics to Measure Product Cannibalization

Internal Cannibalization: – Product mix (revenue, profit, market share. growth/ decline) – Leads, forecasts – Analyst interest, PR – Support & business escalations External Cannibalization: – Market share – Competitive analysis – P&L comparison between similar products/ companies – Analyst reports on industry/ market/ product reports