How is the job market? Its AWESOME.

This is my job searching fundamental 101: Irrespective of how good or bad the job market is all you need is ONE job

10 productive things that you can’t do at work

Most of us have friends who work in both Enterprise companies and Startups. The common frustration that you hear when you work with them is that their IT does not allow you to easily collaborate and work with them.

I, Inc. The Company that Everybody Works

Reid Hoffman and Jeremiah Wong both wrote about managing one’s career. If you don’t know either of them, then carry on reading this, as this may help you. I always discussed this with my ecosystem as to how I have been working for Sri, Inc. for the last 10 years, and that my clients are…

Thank you to 4,000 Visitors on my Blog

4,000 Thanks to all the visitors on my blog. One by one. A blog that I started as my journal, while I am learning about products, technology, Management, and Communications, have been loved by you all. Loved all those comments, emails, and feedback from all parts of the world. It is your encouragement that has…

Product Organization Roles

These are the typical roles in the technology product companies: Product Manager Vs Product Marketing: Product Manager helps to put the product on the shelf and Product Marketing helps to take the product off the shelf Product Manager Vs Project Manager: Product Manager defines the ‘What’ of the products, and Project Manager defines the ‘how’ of…

Customer Focus Driven Project Management

Attributes for a customer focus driven project management:

Defining the customer/ customer group
Understanding the value-chain of the organization in terms of sell-deploy-support
Knowing the customer user-experience at a systemic level
Understanding the use-case of the product